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Our Process

We succeed by following a proven approach that utilizes a metrics- and attribute-based interview process.

  • Once we spend time with our clients to determine the specifics of the role, culture of the team and managers, we guide our clients through the creation of a Mission Statement. This determines the specific attributes, goals, metrics and boils the role down the basic requirements so that all involved with the hiring decision is in agreement.
  • Once created, we utilize this as a clearly articulated mission with set expectations of the role and well defined requirements to identify the right candidate.
  • We then utilize our extensive industry contacts along with a constantly updated database that is specifically designed for the Search Industry.
  • Each member of our team spends time with the candidate to go over a specific set of questions derived from the Mission Statement. Our time spent with the candidates is either in person, over the phone or video webcam.
  • Once we all agree on a particular candidate we provide a package summary of select interview questions and responses, up to date resume, our own designed compensation form detailing the last four years of compensation to include salary, bonus, commissions, stock/options and non-solicit/compete information if applicable.
  • If requested, we will also provide a write-up of our impressions and thoughts on the candidate.
  • Our contacts allow us to utilize a confidential background screen of potential candidates. Our experience tells us these types of background checks are much more accurate than ones provided by candidates.
  • Our experience shows it much more efficient to provide qualified candidates as we uncover them. This way we can identify personality traits and attributes uncovered through the interview process that may be in other candidates.
  • We then include screening for those newly uncovered traits into our process for other candidates.
  • As candidates are selected for interviews with you, our client, we provide assistance as needed for scheduling, travel and logistics.
  • We spend time with all of our candidates before interviews to discuss the profiles of the interviewers, answer any questions they may have, and generally make sure they are ready and well prepared for the interviews.
  • When it comes time to make an offer to a candidate, we provide guidance to both the candidate and you, our client to set expectations on both sides in order to have a successful outcome.
  • We then provide written background and reference checks as needed. We also coach the candidate on resignation issues and what to expect in order to avoid the dreaded counter-offer.
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