There’s a somewhat antiquated notion that the worst thing you could tell anyone is “good job.”

Ask any organizational leader. They’ll tell you just how misguided the above philosophy is, especially in today’s day and age. Failing to make your people feel valued and appreciated is a one-way ticket to a revolving door of employee turnover, especially after 2020/21.  

A significant portion of successful leadership depends on your ability to care about your team and show them support.

Some of the most challenging years in recent history are in the rearview. More than ever, your talent needs your support.

Read on, as this blog highlights five ways to support and care for your employees in 2022:

Remain Attuned to Your Employees’ Respective Mind States 

Sources cite that employee burnout and stress are at all-time highs across all professions. By now, everybody knows the pitfalls of worn-down talent driven to the brink by mental and/or physical exhaustion.

People feeling such rigors disengage from their work and experience halted productivity. Sometimes, their negativity becomes contagious, adversely impacting everyone around them. 

This isn’t meant to blame those employees—it starts with leadership. You must remain conscious of the current headspace of your team, especially in a post-COVID world. Stresses go beyond the workplace, and work is stressful enough. 

Simply checking in and having an open-door (through remote/virtual means or in-person) will show your employees that you care. It will also let you know if an employee is burning out, giving you a chance to manage the situation insightfully.

Focus on Well-Being and Mental Health

Even before ‘pandemic’ was a word that tore through the public discourse, mental health had dominated the Zeitgeist.

Speaking to the above notion is that 87% of surveyed employees prioritize mental well-being benefits more than office-based perks. Whether that means virtual, mindful meditation classes or providing mental health days – so your team can recuperate – is up to you.

Ask Your Employees About What They Expect and Need 

Going back in a time machine and asking employees about their values in 2019 would yield vastly different answers in 2021.

Society, as a whole, was run through the wringer last year. Thus, working late hours to earn that dangling-carrot promotion might not matter as much as it used to to your team members. 

Figure out what your team wants and cater your leadership approaches around that.

In fairness, some people might need to focus on more work as an outlet. At the same time, it might be pivotal for others to lessen their workload for the sake of their mental health. It’s up to you to figure out who needs what and design a strategy to meet them. 


No Good Deed Should Go Unpraised

When negative headlines dominate the news, it’s more important than ever to recognize the accomplishments your employees earn. While employee recognition was always a fundamental pillar of successful, healthy organizations, now it is an absolute necessity.  In 2022, workers understandably need some light at the end of the tunnel—good tidings and positive energy to brighten their day. 

Praise wins to give your team confidence. From there, they’re more likely to get the ball rolling.


Set Your Talent Up for Success 

Giving people assignments and responsibilities that don’t fit their skillset is setting them up to fail. With that comes an array of negative consequences, including mental health and confidence. 

Be in tune with each team member’s abilities and give them obtainable wins. Recognize a skill gap? Work with them to set them on the right developmental path. 

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Another way to ensure your employees are given “winnable” assignments is by hiring the most talented available candidates with the skills to succeed. Contact Preston & Company for a diverse pool of top performers. 

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