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Private Credit and Real Estate, inside of the private equity sector have seen significant growth over the last few years. So much that valuations have sky-rocketed, and many times pushed deals out of contention. Investment Managers need to move quickly when there is a need to replace or identify executive talent, that’s where our private equity recruiters and private market search consultants come into play.

Our expert recruiters have decades of experience working with the leaders of investment managers. We work with our clients and the management of their portfolio companies to identify the right private equity/ private market talent. When there is a need for a “smoke jumper” CFO, COO or CEO in a portfolio company, our customized recruitment process is designed specifically for the private equity and private markets sector to help you identify the right individual culturally, intellectually, and professionally all while focusing on diversity.

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Venture Capital
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Over the last decade we at Preston & Company have witnessed the significant growth of the Private Markets. Private markets/ private equity has gone from alternative to mainstream, becoming essential vehicles for investors to achieve exposure to various pockets of economic growth. Capital has poured in, and the industry has grown significantly. Beginning with leveraged buyouts and Venture Capital, Private Equity has since led the way. Now we are seeing similar growth in Private Credit, Real Estate, and Infrastructure. When Private Equity takes over a business, it must focus on improvements and a return on investment. Many times, that includes developing or replacing leadership and other talent in these portfolio companies. Competition for this leadership has become fierce. Factoring in diversity adds to this challenge of identifying and attracting skilled leaders and talent.

client Testimonials

"I have worked with Preston & Company, and Joe and his colleagues since 2005 on numerous senior leadership searches in both insurance and investment management across the C-Suite realm. One of the most remarkable legacies of Joe’s involvement has been that each of the hires is still in the roles we recruited them for, going back to 2005 in some cases. This speaks to the thoroughness of his approach, his ability to understand the needs of the hiring organization and ability to find the right cultural match result in talent for the long-game. Joe is always easily acceptable and often pushes you to think about context and considerations that might not have been apparent. Ours is not a transactional relationship, he has become a strategic business partner and a friend."

Executive Director

Fortune 250 Global Financial Services Firm

Types of Roles we recruit for

Whether it is generating investment opportunities, advising existing investors or generating new investors, managing due diligence or operations and finance, Preston & Company’s private equity recruiting team has developed a proprietary process to identify the right individual culturally, intellectually, and professionally all while focusing on diversity.

Our PE recruitment experts are veterans of the asset management space. We cover the private markets sector with direct experience in private equity, real assets, private credit/ private lending and venture capital. With decades of recruiting experience, we know what type of talent you’re looking for and where to find that talent. Below are just some of the types of roles we help private market companies recruit for

  • Investor Relations – Institutional and Intermediary
  • Business Development
  • Relationship Managers
  • Client Portfolio Managers/Product Specialists
  • Industry Specialists
  • Analysts
  • Real Estate Specialists
  • Portfolio companies – Smoke Jumpers
    • CFO
    • COO
    • CEC
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